QxLoop pre-engineered module
A module designed by people at QxLoop ready for unloading.


UA2-UA2[Tl]-G:350/180-W:50/30-4000 is a pre-engineered module(meaning that it requires minimal tuning before it can be put in production).

It uses a Simplified Organic Rankine Cycle based on UA2 ORC module architecture with a direct evaporation. Toluene is used both as Heat transfer fluid and Working fluid, allows to:

  • Substantially reduce costs
  • Increase performance (over hexamethyldisiloxane, cyclopentane, etc.)
  • Brings down O&M (Thermal degradation almost non existent)



Integrated evaporator is replacing the exchanger of the boiler, so only requires furnace and flue gas treatment to complete power generation unit.

Solid Wastes Incinerators

Well-suited for municipal-sized incinerators with high performances.


Industrial Waste Heat Recovery on flue gases is made simple since UA2-DE saves the thermal oil loop and widen pinches by removing the intermediate loop. Larger pinches means smaller evaporator size, resulting in additional cost savings.

Diesel engines combined cycle

Many heavy fuel or diesel engines are lacking a proper WHR solution. UA2 can easily turned a simple cycle in combined cycle.

Gas turbines combined cycle

Gas turbines are known for their ease of operation, especially compared to engines. But they are lacking performance compared to reciprocating engines. Turning them in combined cycle is simple way to close the gap while still benefiting from turbines easier O&M.


Hot source

Parameters Value Unit
Nature Flue gas
Thermal power 16 936 kWth
Inlet temperature 350 °C
Outlet temperature 180 °C
Volume flow 241 367 N m3/h


Parameters Value Unit
Working fluid Toluene
Gross power 4 000 kWelec
Gross Efficiency 23.60%
Net power
(including module pumps and auxiliaries, excluding cooling)
3 739 kWelec
Net Efficiency 22.10%

Cold source

Parameters Value Unit
Cooling fluid Water
Dissipated thermal power 12 562 kWth
Inlet temperature 25 °C
Outlet temperature 45 °C
Volume flow 543 m3/h

Process Flow Diagram


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Flue gas evaporator

Evaporator can be supplied by various manufacturers among our partners. One of the most experienced is Geurts who already owns a long track record.

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