WHR in industry
Energy efficient plants is global target. QxLoop team has been extensively working on waste heat recovery for power generation in industrial facilities

Various applications

We propose innovative or classical process loop design, mostly for power generation

Wood chips, agriculture wastes are widespread sources of renewable low-cost thermal energy

The problem

Renewable energy is still missing the cheap, dispatchable, on-demand clean power generation.

Biomass is good candidate, only missing cycles improving performances while reducing capital costs.

QxLoop Solutions

  • For large powers (>2MW) with periodical human presence, saturated steam cycle with Qxpand are a good match to get high effiency cycles.
  • For smaller powers and/or fully automated cycles, Organic Qxpand can supply high efficiency, leveraging thermal oil boilers.
Municipal Solid Wastes
One of the biggest environmental problem worldwide

The problem

Municipal Solid Wastes production is ever increasing and destruction -while highly wishable with respect for environment preservation - is still an headache everywhere on the planet.

QxLoop Solutions

District small size incinerators (in the range of 1 to 4MW), equipped with the latest flue gas filtration technologies can be the solution. Power generation is paying for waste collection and equipment O&M.

ORC high temperature loops or small-scale saturated steam cycles can help providing .

Concentrated Solar Power
Solar thermal power can be stored to enable dispatchable thermal power

The problem

CSP is requiring super high efficiency cycles

Solar thermal fields are expensive to build, therfore thermal energy that can be extracted is expensive. Thus, super high efficiency cycles are required but, in the same time, temperatures on the thermal oil loops are not so high. Classical steam turbines are missing enough superheating to work without deteriorating their last stages.

CSP is requiring high efficiency at part load

Solar energy -even if stored- requires cycles able to be operated at part load at constant efficiency, which is a big problem for steam turbines.

QxLoop Solutions

Saturated steam expander / ORC is a natural solution for this context. Qxpand expander can be configured with variable geometry nozzles to maintain constant pressure ratio across a wide part load range.

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